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About Bhutan September 11, 2011

Sandwiched between two Asian Giants, the small Himalayan kingdom is truly one of the last Shangri- las. Mysterious and alluring, the land of the thunder dragon has always fascinated the outside world. Unexplored and uncharted until a few decades ago the tiny Himalayan kingdom is still rustic, timeless and extra ordinary – free from the trappings of modern day life. A trip into the country provides a glimpse of the myriad colors of Bhutanese lifestyle – unspoilt yet stimulating. The castle like Dzongs that rise over the various towns with their gently tapering walls, large stone cluttered courtyards and beautiful galleries are uncommon architectural wonders special to Bhutan. Gurgling streams, high snow capped peaks, green terraced fields, green alpine forests and sprawling valleys form a backdrop to Bhutanese way of life.

Bhutan is a land locked Mountain Kingdom and one of the few last kingdoms in this part of the world that is still ruled by a King. Better know as DRUK YUL or land of the Dragon, Bhutan is an extraordinary place hardly touched by the hands of time. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas and opened to Westerners only in 1974 it offers glimpses of the ancient way of how people lived in this Himalayan region.

Rich in culture and tradition, Bhutan has a lot to offer with architectural wonders of amazing monasteries and Dzongs. Visitors have been mesmerized, the environment is pristine, the scenery and architecture are awesome, the people are hospitable and charming, and the culture unique in its purity.


Area : 46,620 sq. Km (approx. size of Switzerland)
Geography : Located between Tibet in the north, Indian states of West Bengal and Assam in the south, and Arunachal Pradesh in the east.
Capital : Thimpu
Population : 2,049,412 (July 2001 est.)
People : Bhote 50%, ethnic Nepalese 35%, indigenous or migrant tribes 15%
Languages : Dzongka is the official language.
Currency : Ngultrum Equivalent to Indian Rupees (US$ 1 equals to Nugltrim. 48 approximately)
Political system : Monarchy
King : King Jigme Singye Wangchuck
Prime Minister : Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba
National Holiday : National Day (Ugyen Wangchuk became first hereditary king), in 17 December (1907)
Religion : Lamaistic Buddhist 75%, Indian- and Nepalese-influenced Hinduism 25%

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  1. Bhutan often revered as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” or ‘Druk Yul’, is still regarded as one of the last “Shangri-La’s” in the Himalayan region because of its remoteness, its spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna and its unique ancient Buddhist monasteries.

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