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About Tibet September 11, 2011

Tibet – the name itself invokes a sense of mystery and magic. Spread over a vast expanse of high altitude desert beyond the Himalayas this ancient kingdom is truly the last of the Shangri-Las. Often referred to as the roof of the world the region is untamed, wild and alluring. The high rising mountains, azure blue lakes and snow capped peaks against the backdrop of one of the richest cultures preserved in its primordial state give a visitor the feeling of having made the trip – gratifying and delightful. A trip to this awesome country is a passage back into time – a look at the past. The magnificent landscape, exquisite monasteries and age-old culture leave an everlasting mark. The spiritual and religious nature of Tibetans is evident everywhere. The sights and sounds of the country – be it the monks chanting prayers or prayer flags fluttering in the breeze – are replete with religious tones. Nowhere in the world is religion so much a part of everyday life.

The forbidden Kingdom in the heart of Asia, where religion is way of life, has astounded many people for centuries for its remote particularity and a mystical aura-a land mysterious and remote, a latter day Eden like Shangri-la of James Hamilton’s Lost Horizon. A place far removed from the cares and trouble of the world. Tibet still commands sense of awe among travelers and the roof of the world still remains unchanged and unspoiled by the trappings of modern day life apart from the major towns and cities.

Ever since the indoctrination of Buddhism in the seventh century, it has penetrated into every aspect of Tibetan culture and very often the thin line between them is blurred. The grandiose and awe- inspiring monasteries that resound with the humming of mantras are enriched by the frescoes and countless sacred scriptures bear testimony of its importance. It is certainly one of the most engaging destinations. Savor the natural and ethereal delights of the kingdom. Our trips are the consummate classical experience meticulously designed to commune with nature and feel the traditional way of Tibetan life that has withstood the test of time; cutting loose from the everyday stress and frenzy of modern day life. The attained experience is extremely rejuvenating, absorbing and spiritually rewarding.


2 Responses to “About Tibet”

  1. Tibet is a treasure box waiting to be opened. It is one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations and there is adventure indeed hidden around almost each and every corner.

  2. TIBET is one of the world’s most extraordinary destination and there is adventure indeed lurking around almost each and every corner.

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